What is a bedbug?

Rutgers University produced this video


Bed Bug Facts

Bed bug infestations are on the rise.
Bed bugs can be found in:
Health care facilities
Movie theaters
Dry cleaners
Furniture rental outlets
Office buildings
Current pesticides are becoming less effective, more effective DDT pesticides had a heavy environmental impact.
Bed bugs feed mostly on human blood.
Bed bugs can lay 5 eggs per day.
Bed bugs can live a year or more without a blood meal.

PDF file of University of Kentucky study done by Michael F. Potter

Eradication of bed bugs by the application of heat.

Key Benefits

Highly effective single treatment solution.
No dangerous poisons or chemicals.
Environmentally friendly.


We utilize a 1.2 million BTU system to quickly and efficiently raise the temperature in the living space above 120°F.  At this temperature all stages of bed bugs dehydrate and die within 7 minutes of exposure.  

The Problem:

The Solution:



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Last modified: November 16, 2009